Teacher’s Account

Good News for teachers, specially Cambridge (O/A Level) teachers . No need for spending money on printouts and photocopies. Get your own virtual Notes center online, right here on Perhlo.com. which your students can access from their computers and smartphones alike.


  • Registration required to access resources. (Thus none but only your students can get your material)Teachers will be mailed the list of students who signed up for their page. Only the ones they approve will be given access.
  • Note uploaded, are easily view able on smartphones or any other device. (portability)
    Your students can solve your given assignments/worksheets right from their smartphones. You don't need to provide them with hard copies.
  • videos related to subject can be embedded in your page for your students.
  • Simulations can be embedded for extra practice/understanding.Such as flash animations for chem or physics practicals, or perhaps graph generator for mathematics etc.
  • Past papers/Worksheets/presentations or any other resources you may want to add.You can have whatever type of resource you want for your students, added to your subject's page.
  • You can also order online quizzes* to test your students, or just for their general practice.Quizzes also have many features, such as the questions are in randomized at run time, thus each student get separate quiz(anti-cheating). Time limit can also be set, for example, Quiz can only be taken between 5-6 PM on 3rd July etc.
  • You page will be setup and maintained by us, you do not have to do a single thing yourself.

All this and a lot more.

Conversion of provided notes to pdf Included in Package
Uploading of provided notes to your page Included in Package
Uploading of provided assignment/announcements to your page Included in Package
Posting any important announcement on fb page Included in Package
Addition of provided videos/animations Included in Package
Online Quizzes setup Rs.10 per questions (minimum 30 questions)
Extra resources provided by us (if requested) Charges will vary, depending upon resurces
Maintainance and Support Included in Package
Package Price: Rs. 1000 per subject per month**.

*Quizzes can have following benefits:
1. One student can only submit one time (or many times for practice sessions)
2. Time limit for Quiz (e.g. to be finished in one hour, or it has to be taken on 3rd July between 5 - 6 PM and not before)
3. Questions are randomly selected at run time, so every one gets a different paper (anti-cheating)
4. M.C.Q.s will be marked by the system, you will get a score sheet directly.
5. Can show results when students finish quiz, so they know their score and mistakes. It can include answer explanations too.
6. Can be used both as official class assessment or just for students' self practice.

**Note: Above mentioned price is for up to 100 students only. If you have more than 100 students, please contact us with your number of desired students to get a quotation.

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