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Why Online Notes?

Welcome to Perhlo Academy, an online portal for all your curricular needs. This site is first of its kind platform in Pakistan, and has been developed, thinking about all the difficulties an average student faces in searching for the notes and books of their desired subjects.

E-Learning Notes

No need to waste hours on the internet any more, we have already gone through the trouble and have catered all of your your possible subject needs. Weather you want PDFs, PPTs, reference notes, official HEC course outlines or some quizzes to test your knowledge, all is available here for many disciples such as BBA, BS I.T. etc. We have recently launched a special section for Cambridge CIE students as well, where notes for O and A level, according to relevant syllabus are being provided. We are also offering personalized notes pages for teachers, who can use our platform to deliver simulations, presentations, videos, notes and worksheets to their students.

Here at Perhlo.com, we are a strict believer of

"We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning." - Elliott Masie

Thus we are striving our best to make Perhlo Academy the best possible resource for distance education, so anyone anywhere can access them. Choose a course from the drop down menus of courses above to continue. If you are a student, please register yourself and get your account verified. If you are a teacher go here to read about Teacher's Account or shoot us a query if you have any query regarding it. We hope you will find our services seamless and will adore them. Kindly leave your comments below or send your opinion via contact us page. Have fun!

P.S: If you find any mistake or encounter any error while using the site, please do inform us right away. Happy notes hunting!

Disclaimer: We have not personally prepared the notes available on this site ourselves, and all the credit goes to the original authors, unless stated so. We have only provided them on one platform for easy access and so that student's don't need to waste time on searching themselves.

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