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Hey there guys, so we here at Perhlo Academy are well aware of the difficulties faced by students of MBBS and other medical disciples. I have personally seen many of them breaking down and panicking out during exams due to long syllabus. Having no time to make notes/search them over the internet (Yes we are well aware of the fact med people aren't as good of a searcher as I.T guys 😛 ). No worry guys, we all have our loop holes and weaknesses in life.MBBS

Any ways, coming back to the big news, yes folks you have guessed it right. Seeing how troublesome it is for the medical peeps to get their hands on good notes, books and oh how I can forget the life saviors of a medical students, the precious "Mnemonics". We here at Perhlo Academy have taken plenty of time to research and find all the notes for medical subjects and not only that, we have made sure to include Mnemonics and Ebook or books for each of the subject we are going to provide here at Perhlo Academy.

MBBS stuff added:

Cutting short to all the chit chat,  for now we have added the notes, books and mnemonics for following 4 subjects:

  1. Anatomy
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Physiology
  4. Pharmacology

You can find them under the MBBS menu. So signup now and knock yourself out mates. More subjects will be added soon for the med. Stay tuned and Happy notes hunting.

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