Microbiology added


Greetings guys, after quite a long time, we have gotten good news for Medical students yet once again, as the title implies, we have just added notes and other resources in the MBBS section. Now students of Microbiology, immunology and parasitology can sit back and avail the resources they need instead of wasting time in searching for them in markets or online. Stay tuned as we once again vow to continue to be adding more subject resources for you to enjoy, as long as you guys keep supporting us 🙂

What we got in Microbiology:

We have added three helpful e-book, a grand list of all the mnemonics for easier learning those nasty terminologies and their functions. as well as topical notes for both microbiology and Parasitology. Enjoy!

So signup now and knock yourself out mates. More subjects will be added soon. Stay tuned and Happy notes hunting.