Lippincott Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology 6th edition. (680 pages)

All the mnemonics related to the subject compiled in one file for easy learning.
Download PHARMACOLOGY Mnemonics

Resource Slides:
Topic 1: Introduction to PHARMACOLOGY Free Download

Topic 1: Further Study Notes

Topic 1: Mechanism of Drug Action Free Download

Topic 2: Locally Acting Drugs Free Download

Topic 3: Autacoids Free Download

Topic 4: Drugs Acting on Gastrointestinal Tract Free Download

Topic 5: Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System

Topic 6: Drugs acting on renal system

Topic 7: Drugs acting on Cardiovascular System

Topic 8: Drugs Acting on Respiratory System

Topic 9: Drugs Acting on Endocrine System

Topic 10: Drugs acting on Central Nervous System

Topic 11: Drugs Acting on Uterus

Topic 12: Chemotherapy

Topic 13: Immunopharmacology

Topic 14: Miscellaneous

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